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The Paroy Festival is a celebration of culture, tradition and arts of Libongueños. This town celebrates its annual fiesta every July 22 to 25 in honor of their patron saint St. James the Greater. Started in 1996, it retorts to the query “Libongueño, Sisay Ka?”, then gradually showcased our culture and tradition. Since then, the annual Paroy Festival aims to develops and mold the identity of every Libongueño.  

Paroy denotes the town’s festival considering that the municipality’s land is comprised of 35% rice fields. Aside from the depiction of “paroy”, there are two activities being showcased, one is the cultural presentation of the ancient times when the Spaniards colonized the town of Libon with the leadership of Juan Salcedo; and the exhibit of antique artifacts to reminisce the journey of Libon during the prehistoric period.

Year after year, the Paroy Festival is improved and developed to boost tourism while instilling the inherent values that the people of Libon are proud of.